Urban Mining Company’s Rare Earths Recycling Helps Us Tackle Chinese Dominance

June 11th 2020 – Jim Vinoski – FORBES See the original Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimvinoski/2020/06/11/urban-mining-companys-rare-earths-recycling-helps-us-tackle-chinese-dominance/#462d48f725ea Recycling is one often-overlooked facet of the opportunities to break China’s current overwhelming dominance of the market for rare earth elements (REEs) and their manufactured end products. With REEs having been incorporated into everything from industrial magnets to computer hard drives for […]

E-Waste Monitor 2020

Saiu na data de hoje (02/07/2020) a mais importante publicação do mundo sobre a situação Global do Lixo Eletrônico. De acordo com a matéria abaixo, publicada no Jornal Valor Econômico na data de hoje, o Brasil é o quinto maior produtor mundial desses produtos descartáveis, com baterias e tomadas. https://valor.globo.com/brasil/noticia/2020/07/02/brasil-queima-us-22-bi-em-lixo-eletrnico-por-ano-diz-agncia-da-onu.ghtml O Brasil pode estar queimando […]

Circular Brain – Pacto Global ONU

A Circular Brain foi oficialmente aceita pelo Pacto Global da ONU como signatária. O programa é a maior iniciativa de sustentabilidade corporativa do mundo e as empresas signatárias declaram estar de acordo em criar processos e produtos em conformidade com os 17 Objetivos do Desenvolvimento Sustentável. A Circular Brain tem em seu Core buscar soluções […]

Circular Brain – United Nations Global Compact

I am happy to announce that Circular Brain was accepted as a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact Network, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Circular Brain’s purpose is to “Make the World Circular” and its core business is creating Digital Solutions, such as Think Circular, for one of the biggest […]

Fixing broken supply chains

Using circular economy strategies to build resilience By Rémy Le Moigne, Managing Director, Gate C Ellen MacArthur Foundation – 04th June 2020 As businesses start to reopen after months of nationwide lockdowns, they face potential shortages as well as an unprecedented economic meltdown. In the US, roughly one in four people who had jobs in […]

The European Green Deal must be at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery

14 May 2020 – World Economic Forum – Click Here for the Original publication Business and industry leaders are joining forces to make the coronavirus recovery a chance for a re-set to build a sustainable, inclusive economy, revitalizing industry, preserving vital biodiversity systems and increasing economic growth in Europe. This was to be a critical […]

Think Circular – Behind the Scenes

This is the Behind the Scenes Video from our Electronic Waste Awareness Campaign. Check out the amazing production to create the video. It was recorded in the City of Curitiba in the South Region of Brazil. Be the Change! Think Circular and share the video, let the world know that we can live in a […]

A Economia Circular e a Desmaterialização

Um dos fundamentos da economia circular é a desmaterialização de nossa sociedade. Em economia, refere-se à redução absoluta ou parcial da quantidade de materiais necessários para servir às funções econômicas da sociedade. Em termos comuns, desmaterialização significa fazer mais com menos. O vídeo acima é um bom exemplo de como este processo mudou nossas vidas […]

Circular Economy and the Dematerialization

One of the fundamentals of the Circular Economy is the Dematerialization of our society. In economics, it refers to the absolute or relative reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve economic functions in society. In common terms, dematerialization means doing more with less. The video above is a good example of how this […]